Our Lakewood Plumbers Perform Non-Invasive Leak Detection

Plumbing contractor detects a leakThere used to be a time when finding a plumbing leak often did more damage than the leak itself. Some old school plumbers still use these exploratory hole techniques. Our Lakewood plumbing team isn't one of them, we're 21st century plumbers. We use the latest technology and employ non-invasive leak detection devices like electronic leak detection, gas line sniffers and video drain snakes to make plumbing diagnosis fast and painless.

If you think you might have a leaky pipe behind your bathroom wall or under a second floor bathtub, calling in our Lakewood plumbing team is the best thing you can do. We can usually find the source of the leak within a few minutes without having to drill into your walls or ceiling. Our electronic leak detection equipment uses sonar technology to detect the presence of water in spaces that are blocked from view. When the sensor returns a specific value, it indicates the presence of water. It is even sensitive enough to determine the difference between large and small leaks.

We also employ the latest gas sniffing devices to search for the source of natural gas and propane leaks. These leaks can be extremely dangerous, so if you think you may have one, call us immediately and relocate to a safe area until we can assess the situation. An uncheck leak can lead to an explosive gas build-up but that's not the only concern. A pinhole leak can let small amounts of gas into the air that can cause feelings of nausea, lethargy and worse. Our detectors are 1000 times as sensitive as the human nose and can zero in on the source of a leak within a few minutes. We can the repair it so your family is safe from any gas related issues.

Our Lakewood Plumbing Contractors Do Video Inspections

Plumbing Lakewood examines a clogged drain with video equipment

One of our Lakewood plumbing signature services is video drain snaking. This procedure allows us to inspect the interior of your pipes without having to open each pipe individually. We place a drain snake equipped with a small video camera on the end into an access point along your drain system. We slowly advance the camera to allow us to see any blockages, fractures or other issues that would normally be hidden from view. This allows us to diagnose the cause of a problem in the pipes and determine exactly the right solution to your problem.

So, when you're looking for a plumber to handle your leaks, go with the one with high-tech diagnostic tools. We get in and have your issue diagnosed fast so we can start on the repair right away, saving you time and money!

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